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Homework and Supply List


Pre-Readers / Young Students (ages 4~7)


Listening to songs is my main recommendation for pre-readers. Parents can also read the class story in Spanish and see what they know! 

Homework is highly encouraged but not required for class. I encourage students to do as much reading as they can each week. 

I realize that each student has different commitments and paces for completing homework. Therefore, before the first week of class, I provide a ‘buffet’ of homework that you or our children can choose from, and I encourage you to work through the materials at a pace that works well for you. You can let me know when these materials are completed and I will be happy to send the next section’s homework. 

Homework is largely an independent study with my classes. I do not use class time to check it, but will provide answer keys so you can check their work if and when you have time. 


Recommended weekly homework to choose from:

  • Read the class story* twice, once in English, once in Spanish 

    • Located on Google docs, emailed the first week of class

  • Complete the Textivate activities*

    • Link for activities emailed upon request

  • Complete 1-2 pages of reading from the “Look, I Can Talk!” materials

  • Listen to the song provided, lyrics provided  

  • Starting Semester 2 or 3 with me: Read and/or listen to ½ - 1 page of "Bart quiere un gato," then “Pobrecita Ana” 

    • Next, they can start "Daniel Detective"

*Highly recommended 


    TPRS Workbook and Novels


    Access to a virtual copy of the TPRS workbook is also included with enrollment.

    If you prefer a hard copy of the workbook and novels, they can be found here:



    Look, I Can Talk! Student Book, Spanish


    TPRS Spanish Novels

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