Homework and Supply List


Pre-Readers / Young Students (ages 4~7)


Pre-Readers and young students (about ages 4-7) are not assigned reading homework and do not need to purchase the workbook/novel unless the parent would like to read it with them.

Weekly Homework

Homework highly recommend but don't required. We spend very little time reviewing homework; it is a largely independent study to enhance student learning.


I send an email weekly (normally Mondays or Tuesdays) with 30-45 minutes of homework to complete before class the following week. 


Homework consists of some combination of the following:


  • Watch assigned Señor Wooly videos (emailed weekly)

  • Read class story* (shared Google doc)

  • Complete Señor Wooly activities* (assigned weekly, sign in to Señor Wooly to view)

  • TPRS novel reading* (weekly assignments below)

  • Complete Textivate activities* (x3) [TBD]

  • Workbook reading/assignments* (weekly assignments below)


*for readers or with parent help


    TPRS eBook Library 

    Access to all TPRS books (even other languages) is included with enrollment.

    You can use this link to enroll and get access to all the TPRS ebooks. 


    Parents are welcome to purchase hard copies or utilize the eBooks. 

    The first book is "Pobrecita Ana.

    • Parents desiring a hard copy can purchase it new with the link above or used from a different source 

    • The newest edition is not required, though there will be slight differences 

    TPRS Workbook and Novels


    Access to a virtual copy of the TPRS workbook is also included with enrollment.


    Link to hard copy:

    Look, I Can Talk! Student Book, Spanish