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Payment and Billing Information 

Payment Due Before Class

Payment is due before class and students may not be admitted to any class unless payment has been made (unless we've made arrangements previously for when you will make a payment).

Group / Individual Class Cancellations 


When group classes are cancelled (because no students are available for class or I need to cancel), families will not be charged for the class; but rather a class will be credited to the end of your billing cycle. When individual students in a group class can't attend class, I send a recording of class for them to watch and actively participate in. 


When students in individual classes need to cancel and provide more than 10 minutes notice, a class will be credited to the end of your billing cycle. I normally cannot offer makeup classes during the week. 

Class Commitment 


I ask that families commit to a semester at a time for my scheduling/budgeting purposes. There's no penalty for not completing a semester, but a refund for the remainder of the month or semester will not be given. 

Upcoming Billing Cycle Communication 


I'll send an email, normally titled "Spanish Class: Upcoming Billing Cycle" the week before payment is due. It will list the weeks of class covered by the payment.  

Each time you make a payment (through this website), you'll receive a picture of some beautiful sunflowers from my wedding.

Making a Payment

Payment methods: Check and Credit/Debit 

See the Make a Payment page to select the correct payment. 

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