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What does class look like for pre-readers?

TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) is best suited for students in grade 3 and above, or students around 9 and up, since it does require that students be able to read the Spanish words and their English translations on the screen. 

So for pre-readers and non-readers, I utilize a method called TPR (Total Physical Response). Whereas TPRS deals with more abstract vocabulary (i.e. I am, you are), TPR utilizes very concrete concepts with clear visual ques/signs as we tell the story (He stands up, he walks, he sits down).  

High Frequency Vocabulary (HFV) is still utilized and students still hear and speak Spanish 90% of the time in class, but less questions are asked using the question words (who, what, where, etc.) and more Yes/No or option question (Does Bob stand up or does Daniel stand up?) are used. 

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