Preparing for Class:

To Do:

1. Complete a free 30-minute orientation

2. Order items from the Supply List (below)
3. Create 
Señor Wooly and Zoom profiles
4. Watch videos below

5. [Students] Fill out Getting to Know You form

General Information:

  • Students need to have their book(s) by the second or third week of class 

  • Either one book per family to share or per class participant is fine

  • The workbook comes from the TPRSbooks website, and students can purchase the novel(s) new or used on Ebay and other online used book sellers

1. If you haven't already, please use this link to set up a free 30-minute consultation at a time that is convenient for you

  • At that time, we'll meet and I will explain what class will be like and show you the materials I use



2. Order items from the Supply List

Spanish I 



**Because I strive for quality over quantity in my classes, I encourage you to start by purchasing only "Pobre Ana" because we might not get to all of the listed books in a given year; but if you or your children love a challenge and would enjoy reading ahead, you're welcome to get the other books. 

3. Make Señor Wooly and Zoom profiles

Señor Wooly (at

  1. Click “Log In/Sign Up”

  2. In the box that pops up, click the blue box that says "Sign up" on the right

  3. Enter the Activation code [provided by me]

  4. Next, you’ll create a visual password, please write it down to remember it (But I can send you a reset option if you forget it)

[To log in after signing up:]

Under the “Student” Tab, enter the following information to find my class:

  1. Country: United States

  2. State: Missouri

  3. School Name: Senora Kouma

  4. Teacher Name: Senora Kouma

  5. Class Name: [to be assigned]

  • For each student, please make one Señor Wooly account* 

    • *Unless all your kids plan to do the assignments together at the same time (multiple accounts can be on the same email address)

Zoom Profile

Please go to to make a free profile

4. Watch the two videos below

5. Fill out Getting to Know You form 

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