Preparing for Class:

To Do List:

1. Complete the Student Intake Form (which includes the Terms of Service)

  • Filling the form does not obligate you to take classes with me

2. Complete a 45-minute orientation and trial class 

A few weeks before the start of a new semester, I'll offer at least two opportunities to meet new families and show students what class will be like. I share a little bit about how I teach, we have a demonstration, and then there is time for questions and answers. 


All new families are required to complete this orientation / trial class, and I communicate on my Facebook page and via email with the upcoming orientations. 

3. Familiarize yourself with the Homework and Supply List page (highly recommended but not required)



4. Read what you can expect class to be like, including vocabulary covered, my grading scale, and how we build stories here.  

5. Create a Señor Wooly profile


Señor Wooly (at

  1. Click “Log In/Sign Up”

  2. In the box that pops up, click the blue box that says "Sign up" on the right

  3. Enter the Activation code [ask me; it automatically resets every 14 days]

  4. Next, you’ll create a visual password, please write it down to remember it (But I can send you a reset option if you forget it)

[To log in after signing up:]

Under the “Student” Tab, enter the following information to find my class:

  1. Country: United States

  2. State: Missouri

  3. School Name: Senora Kouma

  4. Teacher Name: Senora Kouma

  5. Class Name: Spanish

  6. Password: Enter your chosen password

  • For each student, please make one Señor Wooly account* 


*Unless all your kids plan to do the assignments together at the same time (multiple accounts can be on the same email address)

Some videos are geared more toward middle and high school students (that are more creepy/suspenseful) . Parents, please ensure that the videos are appropriate for your children before they watch them 

6. Create a Zoom profile

7. Read the Payment and Billing Information page and make a payment (here)

8. Are your students below 3rd grade?

Read this page to know what to expect from class

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.