Preparing for Class:

To Do:

1. Complete a free 30-minute orientation 

(optional if you have completed a trial class)


2. Read, sign, and return the

Terms of Service


3. Familiarize yourself with the Supply List (highly recommended but not required)

4. Create Señor Wooly and Zoom profiles


5. [Students] Fill out Getting to Know You form

6. Read billing policies

General Information:

1. Orientation / Trial Class: If you haven't completed a trial class, please use this link to set up a free 30-minute orientation and trial class at a time that is convenient for you

  • At that time, we'll meet and I will explain what class will be like and we will have a brief demonstration class

2. Terms of Service: Before class, I need a signed copy of the Terms of Service.

  • Here are some options for signing and returning this document:

    • Print, sign, scan and email​

    • Copy and paste onto a new document and sign with /s/ before your name, then email

  • Please read the document thoroughly (ensuring that students understand class expectations), especially noting the following sections:


4. Class Behavior/Expectations​

9. Payment

11. Cancellation and Refunds 

3. Supply List (If Desired)

  • Students ages 3-6 do not received reading homework ("Youngster" classes)

With enrollment in class, students will have virtual access to all the TPRS books (even other languages). I will recommend and assign reading when students have taken class for at least half a semester. Parents are welcome to purchase hard copies or utilize the ebooks. 

For homework, I highly recommend (but don't require) that students have a copy of the "Look, I Can Talk!" workbook. I assign 1-2 pages per week for homework after the first few weeks of class. 


Workbook: (to order)


First novel: (available as an ebook, or to order)

4. Make Señor Wooly and Zoom profiles

  • Depending on the ages of students in a class, I "lock" certain videos that are geared more toward older students (that are more creepy/suspenseful) 

  • Please familiarize myself with the unlocked/accessible "Stories" (videos) after signing in to ensure that they're appropriate for your children; if not, I can "lock" them

Señor Wooly (at

  1. Click “Log In/Sign Up”

  2. In the box that pops up, click the blue box that says "Sign up" on the right

  3. Enter the Activation code [provided by me]

  4. Next, you’ll create a visual password, please write it down to remember it (But I can send you a reset option if you forget it)

[To log in after signing up:]

Under the “Student” Tab, enter the following information to find my class:

  1. Country: United States

  2. State: Missouri

  3. School Name: Senora Kouma

  4. Teacher Name: Senora Kouma

  5. Class Name: [to be assigned]

  • For each student, please make one Señor Wooly account* 

    • *Unless all your kids plan to do the assignments together at the same time (multiple accounts can be on the same email address)

Zoom Profile

Please go to to make a free profile

5. Fill out Getting to Know You form 

6. Billing Information

  • Depending on your preference of PayPal or Visa/Debit through the website, I'll send an email or invoice each month (or 3-months) the week before the billing cycle has ended.

  • The day before payment is due, PayPal will (or I) will send a reminder if it hasn't been paid

  • If payment is due, it will need to be paid before I admit students to the following class unless we make other arrangements. 




Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

Later Novels: