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Group Classes
and Prices

Classes are offered year-round (summer, fall, spring semesters)

Join a group class starting from $21-$23 per 50-minute class!

Individual and Group Classes Include:

1. 50 minute, live instruction class with me, Señora Kouma

2. Homework, including TPRS workbooks, songs, and Textivate activities

3. Access to eBook library of Spanish graded readers

Benefits of Group Classes: Provide engaging peer interaction and the best value

When are classes offered?

Summer 2023 - Spring 2024 Calendar

Summer Semester: 10 weeks

  • the week of June 12 - August 21 (no class the week of July 17th)

Fall Semester: 15 weeks

  • the first week of September (9/4) through the week of December 18th with the following weeks off:

    • October 2-8​

    • the week of Thanksgiving

There is no class the following weeks before starting the Spring 2024 semester:

    • December 25-29 (Christmas)

    • January 1-5 (New Years)

Spring Semester: 20 weeks

  • the week of January 8th through May with one week off (TBD)


  • If you would like your group class to include friends who are interested, you can indicate that on the form  and be placed in the same group 

Have more questions? Email me

What are the Prices for Group Classes?

Base Rate: $23 per 50-minute class*


*For families with multiple kids:

Second child = base rate +$7

Third child = base rate +$12 

Fourth child and on: no additional charge

Note: for young students, 50 minutes of class is broken into two 25 minute classes













Getting ready for class? See how to Prepare for Class

Ready to check out? Click here


One 50-Minute Live Class per Week per Child*

Payment options:

Monthly payment (4 classes):

$23/class + additional children

$92 /mo for 1 child

$120/mo for 2 children

$140 /mo for 3+ children

​Semester payment:

$21/class [~10% off base rate]

Summer Semester (10 weeks)

$210 for 1 child

$280 for 2 children

$330 for 3+ children 

Fall Semester (14 weeks)

$294 for 1 child

$392 for 2 children

$462 for 3+ children 

Spring Semester (20 weeks)

$420 for 1 child
$560 for 2 children
$660 for 3 children

*Contact me to receive information/rates with two group classes per week

Class Goals, Homework, Assessment

How do group classes work? 

  • Group classes will consist of 2-4 families from around the country who are available on the same day/time for live instruction-- note: I am located in the Central Time Zone (CT)

  • The class minimum is 2 students (from different families), the limit is around 8 students for students 7 and up, up to 6 for students 2-6)

  • My goal will be to have ages roughly overlap​


  • Students will acquire and be able to use dozens and dozens of high-frequency Spanish words (with new words every week)

  • By the end of a school year, students will have several stories they can comfortably read (or understand, for pre-readers) in Spanish 

  • Students will comfortably use the present tense with vocabulary we have learned and have some exposure to the past tense (subsequent classes will include more tenses)

Homework: Recommended 30-60 minutes/week

  • Review typed class story (sent via Google Doc the first week of class)

  • Listen to curriculum song with lyrics

  • Reading activities/games through Textivate (upon request)

  • Worksheet pages/PDFs



Informal assessments are utilized in every class to identify student strengths and weaknesses in vocabulary and grammar. 

See the Preparing for Class page for more information. 

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