Individual Classes

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Year-round or School Year

The value of learning Spanish: priceless!

Schedule class for $30-$40 per 50-minute class!*

*For families with multiple kids: Prices are per family, not per student!

iEs una ganga! (It's a bargain!)

All Individual and Group Family/Student Classes Include:

1. 50 minute live-instruction class with me, Señora Kouma (x1, x2 hours possible)

2. Student profiles with Señor Wooly 

3. Weekly assignments that are engaging and relevant (reading, writing, or video)

4. Feedback on assignments and progress (at least monthly)

5. Certificate of Completion at the end of the school year or completion of a year or course (for year-round learners)

See below for more information on goals, homework, assessment, and materials for the class. 

Benefits of Individual Classes: Provide the most personalized teaching for faster results

How do Individual classes work? 

  • Individual classes will consist of 1 family or student from around the country

See prices below

Year-Round or School Year Classes

Year-round and School year Individual classes: There is open enrollment and we can begin as soon as we determine a time that works in both of our schedules!

  • Before class, please refer to the Preparing for Class page to set up the correct accounts and know which books to order

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When are Payments Due?

Payments are due by the first week of the month after the purchased lessons have been use

What about young kids? 

For classes with students who are 6 years old or younger, the 50-minute classes are broken up into two 25-minute classes per week. 

Class Goals, Homework, Assessment, and Materials


  • Students will learn and be able to use dozens and dozens of highly used/relevant Spanish words (with new words every week)

  • By the end of the class, students will have several stories they can comfortably read (or understand) in Spanish (both stories created in class and from workbooks)

  • Students will comfortably use the present tense with vocabulary we have learned and have some exposure to the past tense (subsequent classes will include more tenses)



[Recommended 30-60 minutes/wk]

  • Review (vocabulary and in-class stories)

  • Spanish music video and activities


An estimated 30-60 minutes of relevant, engaging homework is highly suggested each week. 


Weekly homework consists of reviewing the vocabulary learned in class (preferably with someone else in their home) and watching a Señor Wooly video and completing the activities with the video




An assessment is given at the end of a class, consisting of a written test with the words used in class. 


Informal assessments are utilized weekly to identify student strengths and weaknesses in vocabulary.


Students need the “Look, I Can Talk!” Student Text by the 3rd week of class (new or used is fine, it does not need to be the most current edition)

See the Preparing for Class page for more information. 

What are the Prices for Individual Classes?

Base Rate: $40 per 50-minute class*

*Prices are per family, not per student!


See Note at the bottom of the page for further details

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One 50-Minute Live Class per Week

(Price: $36-$40/class)


Monthly payments (4 classes): $40/class

Payment: $160/mo 


  • Click here for "1 Indiv: Monthly" in Payment Plans for automatic recurring payments


3-Month payment (12 classes): $36/class

[10% off base rate]

Payment: $432

 Two 50-Minute Classes per Week

(Price: $30-$32/class)

Monthly payments (8 classes): $32/class

[20% off base rate]

Payment: $256/mo 

  • Ask me about automatic recurring payments for this selection

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3-Month payment (24 classes): $30/class

[25% off base rate]

Payment: $720