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Individual Class

Classes offered year-round

Summer Semester: 9 weeks​

  • June-August with two weeks off (TBD)

Fall Semester: 15 weeks

  • the first week of September through December with weeks off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Spring Semester: 20 weeks

  • the first week of January through May with one week off midway for spring break


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What are the Prices for Individual Classes?

Base Rate: $44 per 50-minute class*
*Prices are per family, not per student!
*Contact me to receive information/discounted rates with two individual classes per week​


One 50-Minute Live Class per Week

Base Rate: $46/class

Payment options:

Monthly payments (4 classes): $46/class​

Payment: $184/mo 

Semester payment:


[5% off base rate]

Summer semester (9 weeks)

Payment: $396

Fall semester (15 weeks)

Payment: $660

Spring semester (20 weeks)

Payment: $880

Getting ready for class? See how to Prepare for Class

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*For families with multiple kids: Individual prices are per family, not per student if students are learning together in the same 50-minute class.


Rates apply to each 50-minute class. 

Individual and Group Classes Include:

1. 50 minute, live instruction class with me, Señora Kouma

2. Homework, including TPRS workbooks, songs, and Textivate activities

3. Access to eBook library of Spanish graded readers

Benefits of Individual Classes: Provide the most personalized teaching for faster results

How do Individual classes work? 

  • Individual classes will consist of 1 family or student

  • Fill out the Student Registration Form (linked above) to begin!

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